By purchasing a DVD from Ms. Chin Productions, you are agreeing to these licensing terms and hereby certify that you will not screen the film in any way that would contravene the license terms noted below. Please review before making your purchase.

Universities, Colleges, and High Schools
Purchase gives a lease for the life of the DVD. This license is intended for education and classroom use. The acquiring institution gains public performance rights for non-paying audiences only.

Educational Digital Streaming Rights
To request rates for educational digital streaming, click here to contact us.

Institutions and Community Organizations
Purchase gives a lease for the life of the DVD. The acquiring institution gains loan use for individual non-paying patrons only.  This license does NOT grant public performance rights.

Personal Viewing Copy
Individual purchasers may use the DVD for private home use only and may NOT be used in class or educational contexts, circulated in an institutional or community library, nor be exhibited to the general public.

Public Screenings
To request rates for public screenings with paid admission, click here to contact us.

Return Policy
Returns are accepted within 14 days of purchase in original, unopened packaging only.  Returnee pays for shipping costs. Please click here to inform us of a return and for shipping instructions.

For additional queries or questions, please click here to contact us.